Goodbye kamu !!

Goodbye kamu !! 

This is dedicated to the someone i had crash his heart into pieces . that i won't forgive what i've done to him and i never stop loving him .

Is it over ? I'm 99% sure that you don't love me . but 1% is enough for me to hold on .

If not forever , stay with me for the longest time that you can just , because my eyes don't tears, doesnt mean that's nothing wrong .

My friends once asked if he love me , i just close my eyes and say , "wishes do come true!" . If it's not him , it will never be him , no metter how much i love him . but , if he really care for me , then he will come back no matter how i set him free .

It's sad to think that he will never be mine . but , it's sadder to realize that i know it all from the start .

What am i supposed to do ??? just when i thought i was going to get him back , he went away from me again . If it's over , give me that last chance to say goodbye . but don't think i don't care at all because that goodbye is my simple way of saying :

I L O V E U , but , i have to sacrifice ,, GOODBYE kamu ...

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